How to Organize the “Gear Closet”

By Dan S. / Great Miami Outfitters “When did you start packing for this trip?” is a question that is often asked by others on a backpacking trip. Everyone has their own strategy – from packing weeks ahead to packing hours (or minutes) ahead. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s all part of … Continue reading How to Organize the “Gear Closet”


What is “Breathability?” And why do I need it?

Article from our friends at Grangers Whether you’re in the market for a new waterproof jacket, or you simply enjoy taking an interest in the science and technology that enhances your outdoor apparel, chances are you’ll have heard talk of ‘breathability’ fairly often. You know that breathability is a good thing. You know that you want … Continue reading What is “Breathability?” And why do I need it?